We help small businesses make more money

About us

We are a dynamic digital marketing agency founded by two friends with a passion for helping service providers thrive. Based in Montreal, Canada, we operate across North America. Our journey began with a shared interest in digital marketing, and we embarked on this business to explore its boundless potential.

our mission

At Cheetah MKTG, we excel at propelling our clients to the next level. As two competitive individuals, our aim is to become one of the leading agencies in North America by 2028. Leave your ads in our capable hands, giving you more time to make critical business decisions. Our focus revolves around building trust.

Our services

Social media advertizing

We specialize in social media marketing for small service providers, dedicated to amplifying their brand presence. Our comprehensive services encompass sponsored content management across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Google Ads - PPC

A pay-per-click ad campaign is the ultimate way to grab the attention of potential clients.

Our expertise ensures your ads reach your target audience across multiple platforms, making it seamless for them to contact you or request an appointment.

Search Engine Optimization

With our SEO strategies, we guarantee higher rankings for your business on Google search and maps, surpassing your competitors.

This results in not only an increase in lead quantity but also an enhancement in lead quality.

web site and brand design

Our skilled team is dedicated to crafting or enhancing your website, ensuring it reflects your unique vision. Additionally, we offer professional logo design services to help establish your brand identity.

automation program

Say goodbye to delayed responses! Our advanced automation bot handles all incoming messages, ensuring your future clients receive immediate assistance. With our user-friendly mobile app, you can effortlessly access and manage all conversations in one centralized location.

media management

Free up your time and let us handle your social media management. We take charge of posting engaging content and managing your direct messages. Our innovative program even allows for personalized conversations with your clients, further enhancing your customer engagement.

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